Huge m800
The Next Standard!

The newest AirLight V3 will exceed any previous market expectations on the LED illumination. The truly innovative design of this handpiece incorporates a highly efficient micro generator to power its LED. It will eliminate the need of fiber optic system from your dental delivery unit. This cutting edge technology allows the operators to have a clearer illuminated operative field to reduce fatigue. The Direct-LED is also brighter and has larger light pattern than the traditional fiber optic system. The well designed and precisely manufactured AirLight provides extraordinary torque to ensure the powerful cutting that you need. It will fit into your existing 4, 5, 6 holes handpiece tubing.

Say Goodbye to:
  • Expensive Fiber Optic System
  • Fragile Light Bulbs
  • Yellowish and Dimming Light
Large triple water spray 2015
Triple Water Spray

Effectively cools the entire surface of the bur that avoid overheating and provides better patient comfort.

Large micro tex surface 2015
Micro-Tex Surface

The latest surface enhancement technology creates a micro-textured and scratch proof surface that lowers the possibility of slippery during operation.

Large precision ball bearings 2015
Precision Ball Bearings

It is specially designed for smooth and quiet operation. It also provides superior torque and long lifespan.

Large direct led 2015

A macro angle LED is optimally positioned on the head to provide wider and brighter light.

Large generator
Built-in Generator

A micro generator is built into the handpiece to power its LED. It eliminates the need for a fiber optic system.WOW!

Large lightc
Light Comparison

AirLight offers many advantages compared to the traditional fiber optic whether it is halogen or LED bulb. The light bulb of traditional fiber optic located on the tubing or the coupler. The light is then conducted by a fiber optic rod to the head of the handpiece. As a result, the intensity is reduced during the transition and the coverage is limited. Also, the fiber optic rod gets degraded over the autoclaves, and your light is getting dimmer and yellowish. Eventually, you will have to replace the fiber optic rod.

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"It was very light and easy to maneuver."

Dr. Frank Kuzmin


Large doctor photo2

“Thanks for introducing me to these amazing handpieces! They are now in all of our offices!.”

Dr. Charles Botbol

ON, Canada

Large doctor photo5

“We have ordered many handpieces from Beyes Canada Inc. The handpieces are light, smooth, and reliable. The LED handpiece increases visibility, and decreases strain on the eyes which causes fatigue. The handpieces are definitely a good value, and we highly recommend that you integrate them into your office as well.”

Dr. Ann Sahota

BC, Canada

Large doctor photo6

“The incorporation of the Beyes AirLight high speed handpiece has proven a valuable tool for our clinical armamentarium, with great advantages of the light weight, high torque and brightness of the fiber-optics compared to other handpieces. The hand pieces work great, have good power and water spray. Their products are great and their prices are way better than other manufacturers”

Dr. Jaspal singh Sarao

B.C, Canada

Large doctor photo7

“Throughout my years in practice, I had the opportunity to use several dental handpiece manufacturers. Most of them seem to be effective yet, with time and numerous trips through the autoclave, they all seem to steadily decline with regard to performance regardless of the degree of diligence in lubrication and proper autoclaving technique. The Air Light M800-S, despite the amount of usage and frequency of autoclaving, never seems to have a compromise in the department of torque, durability, and dependability. Each and every cut is just as precise as the one before.”

Dr. Frank M. Glushefski


Large doctor photo8

“I was impressed by the new technology of your handpiece, a fiber-optic handpiece without an external light source and without the cumbersome fiber-optic hose. Having practiced pediatric dentistry for 32 years, and having used these handpieces for the last 6 months, I can say that this is one of the best dental purchases that I have ever made. The balance and the quality of this handpiece is exceptional. The torque is excellent. The best feature is the bright white light. It really is amazing, to have such a small generator that can produce such an intense light, all housed within the handpiece. This handpiece is competitive, if not better than any of the best branded handpieces. For the money, it is the best value out in the market.”

Dr. Allen Gaw


Large doctor photo10

“I love our AirLight handpieces. We've had no problems since we bought them and they have great torque and water flow. It's swivelling connector makes it comfortable to hold. The light is especially beneficial in those hard to see areas, even when I use my headlamp. The AirLight handpiece offers tremendous value along with great performance.”

Dr. Neel Joshi

ON, Canada

Large doctor photo11

“I'm a general dentist practicing more than 40 hours a week for the last 13 years. So far, I did work with many different handpieces (Kavo, Midwest, Lares, NSK to name a few). I feel lucky to have found and be able to work with the new AirLight V3 from Beyes. This feels great in my hand: a good grip, a solid construction, strong power for preparing crowns, a nice swivel. Above all, the V3 has a new smart feature a bright self-powered LED light. Even with my 5 times magnification loupes and headlight, I still appreciate this powerful light. I found it brighter than my other actual LED fiber optic handpieces. I am happy to contribute to the success of a Canadian company. For all these reasons I recommend the AirLight V3 without any hesitations.”

Je pratique comme dentiste généraliste depuis plus de 13 ans à 40 heures semaines. Jusqu'à présent, j'ai travaillé avec différentes pièces à main : Kavo, Midwest, Lares et NSK pour n'en nommer quelque unes. Je suis heureux d'avoir découvert les toutes nouvelles pièces à main AirLight V3 de Beyes. La AirLight V3 a une bonne prise, a une construction robuste de qualité et est puissante pour la PPF. Par dessus tout la V3 a une composante unique : elle a une lumière LED autonome généré à même la pression d'air. J'adore l'apport de cette lumière, même en considérant que je travaille avec des loupes 5X et lumière coaxiale. La lumière de la V3 est plus forte que celle de mes autres pièces à main LED. Je suis heureux de contribuer à l'essor d'une compagnie canadienne. Pour toutes ses raisons je recommande la AirLight V3 sans aucune hésitation.

Dr. Matthieu Menard

QC, Canada

Large doctor photo9

"It's Dr. Hayek from Centre dentaire Touchette , Gatineau QC. I wanna thank you for giving us the opportunity to benefit from Canadian technology. The Airlight is a very nice handpiece. It's light, fits well in hand and easy to operate. The water spray is awesome, cooling down effectively the bur and at the same time does not fill the patient mouth with water. The fibreoptic system Is even better, light is bright and white giving a wider vision and not focused on a single spot. Having all these cool features in a single handpiece Is really great."

Dr. Pierre Hayek

QC, Canada

Large doctor photo13

"I recently came across the Beyes high speed hand piece at the JDQ in Montreal. It’s unique and very bright feature of led light without the need for fiber optic tubing seemed to me attractive. I quickly acquired several hand pieces for the office. My intent was to use them just for minor adjustments during hygiene check as my hygiene rooms are not supplied with fiber optic tubing. Bright illumination of the working environment is always helpful and appreciated. One in the office I learnt that they possess a strong enough torque to be used in regular operative dentistry including crown preparation and crown removal. The powerful water spray and bright illumination coupled with high torque value of the hand pieces and the very convenient swivel coupler all help out in our daily routine of practicing quality dentistry in a comfortable environment. Since my first encounter with Beyes Dental at the JDQ in Montreal, I found this to be very user friendly and forthcoming. "

Dr. Joshua Haimovici

QC, Canada

Large doctor photo12

"I have recently purchased several of the AirLight high speed handpieces. I find them to be as quiet as any other handpiece I have used in my dental practice over the last 30 years. When using the handpiece the amount of water and air spray is perfect. The hand piece is also available with different size diameter heads which allows for correct angle and easy access in the mouth. The LED system on the Airlight handpiece provides a whiter and brighter light which I prefer. Also with the new sterilization protocols in place the affordability of the AirLight high speed handpiece permits you to own a number of them. The AirLight high speed handpiece is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone."

Dr. Finley Mah

AB, Canada

Large dps 2013 rating
Recommended Product

The "Recommended Product" awards products that have received high score in their independent product review process. Dental Product Shopper's independent evaluators review hundreds of products each year. Our AirLight qualified as a "Recommended Product"

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Best Evaluated Product

AirLight received "Best Evaluated Product" in 2012. There were 25 dentists involved in evaluating this product for half year term in USA. AirLight received a spectacular result, which 96% evaluators would recommend this products to their colleagues

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4 Stars

AirLight receive 4 stars from THE DENTAL ADVISOR after 1 year clinical trial. Since 1984, THE DENTAL ADVISOR has provided dental professionals worldwide with concise, accurate, and objective information using in-vivo and in-vitro results on the performance of products and equipment based on clinical and laboratory research.

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Top 50 Technology Product

Dentistry Today’s Annual Readers’ Choice Top 50 Technology Products, selected on the basis of lead generation, represent some of the profession’s most innovative technology products.

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2014 Top 100

We are proud that AirLight is in the TOP 100 in 2014 list again. An annual highlight in Dentistry Today, will take a look at the TOP 100 products during the past year based on lead generation. It focuses on some of the newest and most innovative products in the dental profession.

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2013 Top 100

We are proud that AirLight is in the TOP 100 list. An annual highlight in Dentistry Today, will take a look at the TOP 100 products during the past year based on lead generation. It focuses on some of the newest and most innovative products in the dental profession

Key Specifications

● Standard and Mini Head

● Push Button Auto Chuck

● Ceramic Ball Bearings

● Mini Torque :17 Watts

● Standard Torque : 21 Watts

● Noise Level: 59 decibels

● Color Temperature:5,500 K

● Intensity: 25,000 Lux

● Autoclavable: 135°C

● 350,000-400,000rpm

● 3-ports Coolant Spray

● Swivel and Quick Disconnect

Large hp6028 m800 s pd

Code: HP6028

Model: M800-S/PD

Connection: Beyes® PD connection

Description: Standard head, Generator+LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3008 m800 m m4

Code: HP3008

Model: M800-M/M4

Connection: Midwest 4® Hole Connection

Description: Mini Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3021 m800 s w

Code: HP3021

Model: M800P-S/W

Connection: W&H® Connection

Description: Standard Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3006 m800 s m4


Large hp3014 m800 s qd


Large hp3015 m800 m qd


Large hp3053 m800 s st
Large hp3043 m800 m n

Code: HP3043

Model: M800P-M/N

Connection: NSK® Connection

Description: Mini Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3042 m800 s n

Code: HP3042

Model: M800P-S/N

Connection: NSK® Connection

Description: Standard Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3036 m800 m k

Code: HP3036

Model: M800P-M/K

Connection: kavo® Connection

Description: Mini Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3035 m800 s k

Code: HP3035

Model: M800P-S/K

Connection: kavo® Connection

Description: Standard Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3049 m800 s b2


Large hp3051 m800 m b2


Large hp6018 m800 m pd

Code: HP6018

Model: M800P-M/PD

Connection: Beyes® PD Connection

Description: Mini Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3054 m800 m st

Code: HP3054

Model: M800P-M/ST

Connection: Star® Connection

Description: Mini Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498

Large hp3022 m800 m w

Code: HP3022

Model: M800P-M/W

Connection: W&H® Connection

Description: Mini Head, Generator LED, Triple Spray

MSRP: $498