Huge apex rev3 26

The ApexPilot All-In-One is the most convenient root canal treatment system. Its handpiece is complete with a root canal length measurement and root canal preparation; just connect a lip hook with the motor to make the canal length measurement and preparation at the same time.

  • Cordless endodontic handpiece
  • Built-in apex locator
  • Quick start mode
  • Meterial 280 x 25 x 26mm (central unit include contra angle), 123 x 61 x81mm (battery charger)
    Weight 780g
    Type Portable
    Memory 5 memory setting + quick start memory
    Rotation Clockwise / Anti-clockwise / Recipracating
    Charging Charging base / USB
    Dispaly LED / Bluetooth
    Available Contra Angle 10:1 16:1 20:1
    Apex Locator Control Motor Working Mode Auto Start / Auto Stop / Auto Reverse

    Thumb apexpilot

    MSRP: $1,712.00 USD

    Code: AL2020

    Model: ApexPilot All-In-One

    Description: Cordless Endodontic Handpiece, Built-in Apex Locator

    Code: ALP101

    Model: 16:1 contra angle

    Description: for ApexPilot Endodontic Handpiece, AL2020, AL2030

    Code: ALP119

    Model: Silicone Sleeve

    Code: ALP111

    Model: Spray nozzle

    Code: ALP107

    Model: Adaptor

    Code: ALP104

    Model: Battery

    Code: ALP003

    Model: Lip hook

    Code: ALP121

    Model: Charging base

    Code: ALP108

    Model: Charging wire

    Code: ALP110

    Model: Measuring line