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Thumb built in computer
Built-in Computer

An ultra-speed computer is fully integrated into the system with WIFI capability and three USB ports. You can turn your office into digital without all the extra wires and cables. Your patient has all their desired entertainment or social medias within reach.

Thumb monitor tv
Monitor / TV

A 22" dual functioning monitor is mounted directly on the light post. It can be either used as a Monitor or TV to meet a variety of demands.

Thumb intra oral camera
Intra Oral Camera

A crystal clear intra oral camera is fully integrated into the delivery system, so your camera will always be at your fingertips. Your patients will be well educated by seeing the images on a 22" monitor.

Thumb led
LED Operating Light

A sensor activation LED operating light provides advanced light performance and unparalleled ergonomics. In the dental operatory, proper lighting is essential to delivering quality patient care while reducing dental team fatigue.

Thumb german design and engineering
German design and engineering

Engineered by Award-winning German design company to meet highest ergonomic and safety standards. Integrated body contoured upholstery ensures patient’s comfort. All instruments and controls are easy to reach in any treatment position.

Thumb build to last
Build to last

Aluminum and coated steel construction ensures long life and durability even in demanding work conditions prolonging the life of your treatment center. Powder-coated surfaces are resistant to scratches and they offer an optimal surface hygiene.

Thumb foot cross switch
Foot cross-switch

Hands-free patient positioning for ergonomic and hygienic workflow. Reachable for both, dentist and assistant, intuitive to use from any treatment position by foot.

Thumb integrated hygiene solution
Integrated hygiene solution

Beyes hygiene package delivers a comprehensive feature bundle to protect dentist, patient and environment from cross-contamination.

Thumb swiveling cuspidor
Swivel cuspidor

Swivel cuspidor with built-in anti-collision system is safe and easy to use. Removable ceramic cuspidor bowl makes the cleaning simple and fast.

Thumb ergonomic operation
Ergonomic operation

Excellent movement range of the patient chair from as low as 15 inches to as high as 31 inches give you the possibility to adjust the chair freely for desired treatment positions.

High-speed air turbine handpiece Idling speed ≥ 35 x 10 r/min (Air pressure:0.22 Mpa / 32 PSI)
Low-speed air motor handpiece Idling speed ≥ 18 x 10³ r/min (Air pressure:0.30 Mpa / 44 PSI)
Dental light maximum illuminance ≥ 25000 lux
Electrical patient chair carrying capacity ≥ 1323 N (= 135KG) / ≥ 298 lb
The higest position of the patient chair from the ground ≥ 780 mm / ≥ 31 lnches
The lowest position of the patient chair from the ground ≥ 380 mm / ≥ 15 lnches
Backrest movement range 110° ~ 180°
Head rack extension range 0 ~ 100 mm / ≥ 4 lnches
Dimensions (length* width* height) 1950 mm x (1200 mm ~ 1800 mm) x 2000 mm
Input power supply 300 VA
Air supply pressure 0.55 ~ 0.80 Mpa / 80 ~ 116 PSI
Water supply pressure 0.20 ~ 0.40 Mpa / 29 ~ 58 PSI
Power cable requirement 3 x 0.75 mm² , according to UL 60601-1 CAN/CSA C22.2, No.601.1
Electrical classification Group 1
EMC classification Group 1, Class B
Vacuum 12 cfm (339.84 L/min) @ 8 inches of mercury
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Plan View:
Thumb doctor photo safwat khalil

"I have used other well known brands of equipment in my office and have noticed that your equipment is far less problematic than others. It has proven that my decision to install Beyes equipment was the right one! I also saved considerable money compared to the traditional name brands of equipment. Service response time is impressive, any questions or concerns have been taken care of very quickly and efficiently. "

Dr. Safwat Khalil

ON, Canada

Thumb doctor dr.c.p.giri01

"I have been using the Comfortek Chair from Beyes Dental for over a year now. I am quite impressed by the simplicity of this unit. It is reliable and easy to operate . The chair has a variety of features ; specifically, a built-in intraoral camera and pizzo that facilitate it's operation with ease. The chairs are also cost effective. I would recommend these chairs without hesitations."


ON, Canada

Thumb report2

"I am very satisfied with the chair and your after-sale services. Patient and staff are impressed. Had recommended your products and services to other dentists. Thank you."

Dr. Mark Yeung

ON, Canada

Thumb report1

"I am a general dentist working in a solo practice. Having been in this office for almost 20 years, it was the right time to replace my dental chair. My previous experience with both Siemens(Sirona) and Adec has been relatively positive; therefore I was looking to buy the same brand. However, I was surprised to see that a dental chair was available at Beyes where I have been purchasing my dental supplies. With the opportunity to see and feel the chair at their location, it certainly looked remarkable and felt comfortable to use. I was still hesitant to purchase because the price was exceedingly below my previous budget of a new dental unit. I was reassured , however, because my experience with Beyes has been quite positive. Many other products that I have purchased from them have been very reasonably priced and functions well such as their curing lights and ultrasonice scaling units. I took the plunge and bought one to try it out. It has been over one month since the purchase. Overall I am very happy with the purchase. The chair has better functionality than my previous units and their service has been exceptional. Patients have remarked how 'updated and high tech" this chair looks and I have no problem adjusting to using this chair. The only regret is that I didn't replace both dental units at once to complete the transition of updating my office. "

Dr. Ivan Mo

ON, Canada

"We recently purchased the Comfortek Dental Chair for a dentaly hygiene operatory. We find it meets all our expectations for both staff and patient efficiency and comfort.Thank you for your excellent customer service."

Samuel Hait, DDS

ON, Canada

Master Package Includes:
  • Patient Chair
  • Delivery Unit
  • LED Operating Light
  • Cuspidor
  • Doctor Stool
  • Assistant Stool
  • Sewn Upholstery
  • Automatic up/down arm
  • L-Shape Light post
  • Built-in Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Monitor/TV Mounting Arm
  • Monitor/TV
  • Built-in Computer
  • Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
  • Intra Oral Camera