Huge sensibles universal sensor holder artboard 46 1
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  • All-in-one solution for the perfect image
  • Simple and secure adjustment
  • Perfect for Anterior, Posterior, and Bite-Wing images
  • Autoclavable and reusable
  • Durable and 100% latex-free
  • Thumb horizontal imaging web image

    Horizontal Imaging

    The Medium Sensible holds most size 2,1 and 0 sensors honzontally.

    Thumb vertical imaging web image

    Vertical Imaging

    The Large (two-tone) Sensible holds most size 2 and 1 sensors vertically..

    Thumb horizontal imaging web image

    Bite-Wing Imaging

    The Large (two-toneFor Bite Wing imaging, simply slide Bite Block to mid-line of sensor.

    Thumb using web image

    Using Sensibles Is As Easy As 1-2-3:

    1.Attach Positioning Bar 2. Add Aiming Ring 3. Snap In Sensor (For Bite-Wings, adjust vertical position)

    Starter Kit Includes

    Model / Description Qty
    Bite Block Large Size x2
    Bite Block Medium Size x2
    Posterior Aiming Ring x1
    Anterior/Bite Wing Aiming Ring x1
    Positioning Arm Posterior x1
    Positioning Arm Bite Wing x1
    Positioning Arm Anterior x1

    Code: DS1103

    Model / Description Universal Starter Kit

    Code: DS1104

    Model / Description Positioning Arm Posterior (1/pk)

    Code: DS1105

    Model / Description Positioning Arm Bite Wing (1/pk)

    Code: DS1106

    Model / Description Positioning Arm Anterior (1/pk)

    Code: DS1107

    Model / Description Bite Block Large Size Refill (12/pk)

    Code: DS1108

    Model / Description Bite Block Medium Size Refill (12/pk)

    Code: DS1109

    Model / Description Posterior Aiming Ring (1/pk)

    Code: DS1110

    Model / Description Anterior/Bite Wing Aiming Ring (1/pk)