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  • Suction with Foot Pedal Control
  • 110V Oil-free Compressor
  • Air/Water Syringe with 360° Tip Rotation
  • Autoclavable LED Piezo Scaler
  • Height Adjustable from 33.5” to 44.5”
  • Top Shelf with Rounded Edges
  • 2 Water Bottles with Toggle Switch
  • Safety Toggle Switch to Depressurize Water System
  • Foot Control (Water Control, Suction Control, Unit Control)
  • Separate On/Off Switch For Compressor
  • Water and Air Flow Adjustments for Individual Handpieces
  • 2.5” Castors with Brakes
  • Comfortek Dental Cart System from Beyes is designed ergonomically with ultimate veterinarian comfort in mind. This complete mobile dental cart is height adjustable and has foot pedal control of water switch and suction to make your work quicker and easier. Along with a smooth tabletop design for easy cleaning, there is plenty of space for all necessary instruments. The complete system includes Beyes AirLight M800 Plus high speed handpiece - a direct LED handpiece that produces brighter illumination than fiber-optics, without needing fiber-optic tubing. However, we understand that there may be varying needs across different veterinary facilities. As such, Comfortek Dental Cart System is sold as a fully customizable unit. Comfortek Dental Cart System also features an eco-friendly oil-free compressor that decreases the risk of contamination and requires less maintenance from your staff.

    Top Shelf Measurement 15.75''(L) x 13''(W)
    Shelf Base Measurement 17.75''(L) x 17.75''(W) x 6.5''(H)
    Base Measurement 17.75''(L) x 17.75''(W)
    Adjustable Height 33.94”(min) - 45.28” (max)
    Weight 56kg
    Capacity 15kg
    AMPS 6.0A
    Power Source 115VAC
    Operating Frequency 50~60HZ
    Tank Capacity 5L(1.32gal)
    Air Pressure 7.5bar(108psi)
    Warranty 3 years

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    Code: MB1006

    Model: C1

    Description: Comfortek Dental Cart System, With Air Compressor, Suction

    Code: MB1007

    Model: C2

    Description: Comfortek Dental Cart System, With Air Compressor

    Code: MB1008

    Model: C3

    Description: Comfortek Dental Cart System, Without Air Compressor, With Suction

    Code: MB1009

    Model: C4

    Description: Comfortek Dental Cart System, Without Air Compressor