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  • Daylight illumination with a light intensity of up to 25,000 lux
  • Anti-glare for the patient through clearly confi ned luminous spot
  • Hygienic, fully enclosed casing
  • Long-life LEDs eliminate the need for bulb replacement
  • High effi ciency and low power consumption
  • No cooling fan required
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Leader of LED Technology

In dentistry, adequate lighting is essential to provide superior patient care and eliminate fatigue. Comfort-View M5 LED operating has been known for providing brighter and more functional lighting for dentistry. The daylight quality brightness provides unsurpassed comfort. Designed to meet the ergonomic needs of the dental team, the Beyes dental light positions easily and comfortably. The advanced lighting design minimizes shadowing and provides proper contrast to help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

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Sensor Activation

Hands-free operation by sensor

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Detachable & Autoclavable

Detachable handle made it easier than ever to maintain. You can sterilize the handle up to 135 °

  • Color temperature 5000 Kevin to 5500 Kevin

  • LED lifetime > 30,000 h

  • Power consumption < 20 W

  • Sensor switch at lamp crown (“On“, “Off“)

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Comfort-View M5

CA-6291657 M5 LED

Thumb m5 light handle
Light Handle