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The ApexPilot G3 is a cordless and compact endodontic motor with a built-in apex locator and integrated length measuring function which makes root canal preparation safer and more efficient. The file position will be shown in an easy to read OLED screen and this endodontic motor will automatically reverse or stop as soon as the apical point is reached.

Thumb integrated length determination

Integrated Length Determination

Automatically start when the file is inserted into the canal and stop when the file is taken out. Automatically reverse/stop when the apcal point is reached.

Thumb plastic and adjustable contra angle

Plastic and Adjustable Contra-angle

No need to use silicone sleeve to insulate when the endo motor and apex locator are used together. Special aviation grade plastics enable contra-angle to be autoclaved to avoid cross-infection.

Thumb all angle oled screen

All-angle OLED Screen

Without viewing angle limit, clear display can be guaranteed even under strong light.

Thumb maximum compatibility

Maximum Compatibility

Wide torque and speed range make it compatible with various file system.

Speed Range 100rpm~1000rpm
Torque Range
Lithium Battery 3.7V /2000mAh
Power Input ~100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 400mA Max
Power Output DC5V/1A
Wireless charging Frequency Range 112-205KHz
Warranty 12 Months

Thumb g3 1

MSRP: $1,198.00 USD

Code: AL2070

Model: ApexPilot G3

Description: Endo Motor with Built-in Apex Locator