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In any dental practice, burs are one of the most commonly used instruments. Beyes Diamond Burs are innovative and use the highest grade materials to ensure they meet the highest standard possible. Faster efficiency reduces less waiting time in the chair. Upgrade your office to the gold standard of Beyes Diamond Burs.

Thumb 856 016

Round End Taper

Code: BR-1001 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1002 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1003 Model: Super Coarse

Code: BR-1004 Model: Fine

Thumb 850 016

Round End Taper

Code: BR-1005 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1006 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1007 Model: Fine

Code: BR-1008 Model: Extra Fine

Thumb 850 012

Round End Taper

Code: BR-1009 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1010 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1011 Model: Fine

Thumb 847 012

Flat End Taper

Code: BR-1012 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1013 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1014 Model: Super Coarse

Thumb 847 016

Flat End Taper

Code: BR-1015 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1016 Model: Coarse

Thumb 848 012

Flat End Taper

Code: BR-1017 Model: Coarse

Thumb 835 010

Flat End Cylinder

Code: BR-1018 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1019 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1020 Model: Super Coarse

Thumb 878k 012

Modified Chamfer

Code: BR-1021 Model: Coarse

Thumb 878k 016

Modified Chamfer

Code: BR-1022 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1023 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1024 Model: Super Coarse

Thumb 879 012

Modified Chamfer

Code: BR-1025 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1026 Model: Coarse

Thumb 879k 016

Modified Chamfer

Code: BR-1027 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1028 Model: Super Coarse

Thumb 368 023


Code: BR-1029 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1030 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1031 Model: Super Coarse

Code: BR-1032 Model: Fine

Code: BR-1033 Model: Extra Fine

Thumb 379 023


Code: BR-1034 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1035 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1036 Model: Super Coarse

Code: BR-1037 Model: Fine

Code: BR-1038 Model: Extra Fine

Thumb 858 014


Code: BR-1039 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1040 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1041 Model: Super Coarse

Code: BR-1042 Model: Fine

Code: BR-1043 Model: Extra Fine

Thumb 859 014


Code: BR-1044 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1045 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1046 Model: Fine

Code: BR-1047 Model: Extra Fine

Thumb 801 018


Code: BR-1048 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1049 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1050 Model: Super Coarse

Thumb 878 012

Modified Beveled Cylinder

Code: BR-1051 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1052 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1053 Model: Super Coarse

Code: BR-1054 Model: Fine

Thumb 878 016

Modified Beveled Cylinder

Code: BR-1055 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1056 Model: Coarse

Thumb 811 032


Code: BR-1057 Model: Medium

Code: BR-1058 Model: Coarse

Code: BR-1059 Model: Super Coarse