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Duray DC X-ray Unit opens a new era for intraoral units: a new era characterized by peerless convenience, easiness of use and innovative design.

A model of state-of-the-art technology, thanks to its high frequency generator coupled with the mains-fluctuations compensating timer, Duray DC X-ray Unit makes a step further in the direction of user friendliness: its beautiful, shield-shaped control unit integrates a large area display showing the parameters efficiently organized in working areas and, for the first time, cleverly combining icons and tooth name. This assures optimal visibility all over the operating process, helping the user to limit the attention to be paid to system’s settings, to better concentrate on the operation itself.

Design with the dentist’s workflow in mind, Duray DC X-ray Unit come to the user’s aid also at the moment of the exposure: the availability of a wireless command allows to forget the limitations of a fixed activation switch, thus representing a significant advantage, particularly appreciated during full-mouth series.

Thanks to its huge range of configurations, either fixed or mobile, Duray DC X-ray Unit can be Installed in any clinical environment and the standard availability of preset settings for films, Photostimulable Phosphor Plates (PSP), or Digital Detectors, allows the use with any receptor, from any manufacturer.

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  • Wireless X-ray pushbutton
  • Long cone mode
  • Automatic sleeping function
  • Fast after-exposure cooling
  • External timer kit
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  • Graphical user interface
  • Multilingual main screen
  • Manual command mode
  • Standard dose visualization
  • Preset anatomic programs
  • Predefined tooth selection
  • Digital sensor mode
  • Phosphor mode
  • Film mode