Huge ez coupler

Customer satisfaction is the main priority under the Beyes quality policy. EZ-Swivel Couplers have been developed, manufactured and subjected to final inspection according to legal regulations, quality norms and industry standards.

Hose type ISO 9168 type 1, ISO 9168 type 3
Recommended voltage range 3.2 ± 0.1 V AC/DC
Temperature for storage -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to +158 °F)
Air humidity for storage 8 % to 80 % (relative), non-condensing
Ambient temperature during operation +10 °C to +35 °C (+50 °F to +86 °F)
Air humidity during operation 15 % to 80 % (relative), non-condensing

Thumb hp3018 ez swivel qd m4 web

Code: HP3018

Model: EZ-Swivel QD M4

Description: 4 Holes

Code: HP3019

Model: EZ-Swivel QD B2

Description: 2 Holes

Thumb hp6008 ez swivel pd m4 web

Code: HP6008

Model: EZ-Swivel PD M4

Description: 4 Holes

Code: HP6002

Model: EZ-Swivel PD B2

Description: 2 Holes

Code: HP6006

Model: EZ-Swivel PD E6

Description: 6 Holes

Thumb hp2063 ez swivel k m4 web rev1

Code: HP2063

Model: EZ-Swivel K M4

Description: 4 Holes

Code: HP3040

Model: EZ-Swivel K B2

Description: 2 Holes

Thumb hp2064 ez swivel k e6 web rev1

Code: HP2064

Model: EZ-Swivel K E6

Description: 6 Holes