Huge m200 45 rev1 artboard 76

The Maxso 200 Surgical 45 provides excellent accessibility and visibility to make stress-free treatment a reality. It features 20W of cutting power for faster preparation and a rear exhaust to help increase patient safety. With its uniquely angled head, enhanced access is simple. Experience for yourself the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Thumb 20w


Strong chuck holding force to prevent slippage and improve power with 20W of torque.

Thumb m200 visibility 3 spray


Stream water (not mist) for perfect bur cooling and visibility.

Thumb m200 45 hygiene


Rear air exhaust prevents contamination into cutting area.

Thumb m200 45 angle


45° head design for perfect access to the molars.

Head Size (Width x Height) 10.8mm x 13.0mm
Head Angle 45°
Drive Air Pressure (PSI) 40-60
Power (WATT) 20
Speed (RPM) 400,000
Ø / max. length (MM) 1.6 / 25
Chuck Type Push Button
Rotary Instruments FG burs according to EN ISO 1797-1:1995

Thumb hp2010 m200 45 m4

MSRP: $380.00 USD

Code: HP2010

Model: M200-45/M4

Connection: Midwest® 4 Hole

Description: 45°Head, Rear Exhaust, Triple Spray, Non-optic

Thumb hp2014 m200 45 b2

Code: HP2014

Model: M200-45/B2

Connection: Borden 2 Hole

Description: 45°Head, Rear Exhaust, Stream Water, Non-optic

Thumb hp2018 m200 45 qd rev1

Code: HP2018

Model: M200-45/QD

Connection: Beyes® QD

Description: 45°Head, Rear Exhaust, Stream Water, Non-optic