What is the Warranty period for the repair Beyes just performed?

Turbine replacements: 1 year

Electric attachment/motor overhaul: 1 year

Circuit boards: 1 year

Tubing: 1 year

All other replacement parts: 90 days

Limited Repair/Cleaning: 90 days

Why Would I Need a Repair Number from a dealer when I am requesting repair service from Beyes Directly?

Distribution and transactions of Beyes products are handled through our dealer partners. Therefore it is required that all repairs have a dealer and authorized repair PO # assigned to the equipment for Beyes to complete the repair process.

How long does it take to repair my product?

There are a lot of variables that affecting turnaround time. Depending on how many repairs are received in a day and the type of service requested, etc. We try to achieve the quickest turnaround possible which is usually 5 business days or less for warranty and pre-apporved repairs. Estimates are repaired within 3 business days of receiving approval documentation. On average, the estimate process takes 10-12 days.

Can I get a loaner while my product is being repaired?

We normally do not offer loaner equipment, but you may contact us to check repair conditions and get an estimate of time for the service needed.