Genuine Repair

You have chosen wisely to purchase the most valuable handpiece. Do you want to have it repaired by just anyone? Worse yet, do you want your warranty protection invalidated?

A dental handpiece is an FDA classified medical device. Therefore, repair facilities should follow specific guidelines. If you are having your Beyes handpieces repaired by someone other than Beyes or its certified dealer, you no longer enjoy the quality inherent in the product you originally purchased.

Genuine Beyes Turbines

Genuine Beyes turbines are individually balanced and electronically tested to meet the highest concentricity requirements. Properly balanced turbines leads to lower noise during use.

There are four very important reasons to request a new Beyes turbine for your handpiece repairs:

  • Beyes handpieces utilizing genuine Beyes components withstand repeated workload and sterilization better than any other brand.
  • Dental evaluators give Beyes high speeds the best marks in performance and longevity.
  • Due to individual balancing, new Beyes turbines are guaranteed for the smoothest and most concentric run a handpiece can have
  • Every new Beyes turbine carries a full 12 month warranty.

There is never a reason to settle for less than exceptional performance from your Beyes handpiece. Contact us today and learn how to extend the life of your handpiece.